Career Profile

System developer: Co-wrote some AMD64 assembly to implement Linux syscalls support for OSv, designed a C firmware running on 512 bytes of SRAM. Grew up fiddling with electronics components and poking in a TRS-80 model III’s RAM video region: implementing small games, complete with cheat codes to beat my father at them. Like OS and low-level code. Have a nascent crush on Rust.



2020 - Present
RATP Smart Systems

System code in charge of writing Qt C++ code for a ticketing device.


Quividi, Paris

Infrastructure in charge of planning and implementing the systems, databases, and backends parts of the platform.


2015 - 2018
Nodalink, Earth

Database and OS Open source freelancer for ScyllaDB. Used Python for the Quality Assurance team, stressing the database. Wrote CharybdeFS an error-injecting filesystem using Fuse. Wrote various OSv patches and got them merged. Cleaned up, upstreamed, and enriched the Wireshark CQL dissector. Participated in project Mikelangelo a Horizon 2020 European research project centered around ScyllaDB, OSv, and virtualization technologies. Flew to SF, Herzliya, and worked with the EU project members in Haifa, Ajdovščina, and Brussel.


2011 - 2015
Nodalink, Earth

QEMU contributor Open source freelancer for Outscale: designed and wrote new QEMU block drivers and subsystems. Contribute them with an upstream-first policy to the QEMU community. Contributed patches on various OSS projects. Created Packetgraph a library designed to process packets with high speed, and low latencies using the DPDK. Flew to Germany and Spain a couple of time to see QEMU contributors and maintainers. Choose my replacement from Igalia.

STB developer

2009 - 2011
SFR, Boulogne

TV over IP For a French telecom operator cleaned up a Linux kernel module used for the RTSP cryptographic decoding part of the STB’s SOC. Writing of a UPnP port remote opener for the STB, and co-work on a real-time video transcoder targeting Apple’s HLS player.

Embedded developer

2008 - 2009
Alcôve, Colombe

C code Consulting for the pre-Seagate LaCie. Backported and wrote Linux kernel modules. Worked on the Wake-On-Lan feature of the products. Designed a test infrastructure harnessing QEMU’s versatile ARM board to stimulate the NAS firmware using python-nose. Contributed patches to upstream QEMU.

Qt developer

Alcôve, Colombe

Advertising C++ and Qt code Consulting for Futuramedia. Audited and rewrote a video advertising solution designed for Digital-Out-Of-Home over a few months. Reimplemented an AVR ATMega 512 firmware in C and industrialized the deployment of the solution using FAI on Ubuntu.

Python, BASH, QT, C++, Qt, DHTML and MMX assembly developer

2005 - 2008
Dental-On-Line, Paris

Dental Healthcare Software Swiss-Army knife developer. Mostly in-charge of the code and infrastructure that shipped the software on Debian machines. Optimized an imagery filter by displacing a costly calculation out of a loop and vectorizing the rest of it with MMX assembly. Never lost any data thanks to Rsync and Chronodisk.

Developer and system administrator

2003 - 2005
Delyth Networks, Paris

First employee and former friend of the Boss : Wrote a lot of ugly code despite having started programming BASIC at age 11 and writing Saturn assembly at 16. While working on a Point-Of-Sale PalmOS application got a painful reminder that C strings are null terminated.

System administrator

2001 - 2003
ITNetwork, Paris

Gentle Operator From N00bL4nd For a Web-Agency: scripted accounts creations, verifications, and removal with BASH and Cursel. Cleaned-up dirty mechanical mouses wheels and bought boiling-hot AMD/VIA computers for designers and staff. Proudly never spied on any user email. Wrapped OpenSSH sftp.c in a C PHP extension then lost the code. Fearlessly replaced Windows NT™ with a Debian running Samba, then enabled opportunistic-locking on it, which I suspect corrupted the Sage™ accounting software database. Enabled roaming profiles in Samba and saw immediately the boss user profile squashed at next login due to clock skew. Ran a backup script from home while being sick, just to found the following day that the underlying source hard-drive died overnight. Got help from a Pick System veteran to escape from vi the first time.

Part-time UNIX Night and weekend techie

1999 - 2001
FTMR (Orange), Paris

Telco operating a pager network Over skilled dropout in charge of switching tapes then launching the backups and batches scripts in the evenings, monitoring them and never, never do anything as root on the empty, idling PA-RISC servers. Quote from the DBA from Quebec: ‘SQL tu n’as que quatre commandes à apprendre INSERT, UPDATE, SELECT, DELETE et, éventuellement GRANT et CREATE si tu fait comme moi !‘.

Skills & Proficiency

QEMU logo design

Humor settings TARS?






Javascript, HTML5 & CSS